Imagining Possibilities


Three Parts to the Sessions

The Group Prepares

Chairs and Tables

Receiving the Energy

Story Devising Process

Joining the Fires

Envisioned Scenography

These workshops are dedicated to adults aged 22 and up with cerebral palsy or complex communication disabilities. The workshops encourage participants to utilize fabric as a medium to create stories and to build confidence. There are various opportunities for growth, from taking on a leadership role to mentoring youth participants. We welcome all to join us. Through funding, the workshops are free.


Socialising before


The workshops offer participants the opportunity to take on a leadership role. Additionally, through attending various workshops and training, adults have the ability to mentor young participants during our youth workshops.

Community Building

The workshops are a communal event, where participants will connect with Imagining Possibilities staff and other AAC users. Workshops are designed to encourage all participants to be a part of the story.


The participants will have opportunities to take on leadership roles and develop their skills. Everyone will work together to plan, practice, and execute a story. The story will be showcased in our Come to the Edge performance shows.

What Our Participants Are Saying


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