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Imagining Possibilities’ participates in various workshops throughout Ontario, and in some instances, internationally. All to push the movement of inclusivity and creating stories through our envision scenography method. Our leaders are AAC users who invest great time and effort through mentoring and organizing the Come to the Edge shows. This blog works to showcase all the work our facilitators and leaders are putting towards pushing the movement forward. 

Connecting with Bellwoods

How we developed our relationship with Bellwoods Sharing of the Highland Lowland Story Previous Next We posted at Bellwoods residence, which is near to Artscape

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Koffler Gallery Field Trip

Gallery photos taken by Richard Max Tremblay, and are installation views of No Work, Nor Device, Nor Knowledge, Nor Wisdom, Koffler Gallery, Toronto, 2017. In February

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This program is developed by A.D.C.I.D. (Aiding Dramatic Change in Development) an organisation that Engages Communities in Creative Transformation.

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