Stories of Possibilities

Man in green and white striped shirt sitting in wheelchair poses with man in green shirt
Working with Imagining Possibilities

My internship experience

Menu Written by Yeshi Yeshi was an intern with Aiding Dramatic Change in Development in 2018. He helped create this website and filmed Imagining Possibilities

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Man shows baby in yellow to young boy wearing a cap sitting in a wheelchair
From electric currents to flowing rivers

Abstract Landscape

The second day of the Hamilton youth workshop at the Ron Joyce children’s Health Centre proved to be a very special moment for Imagining Possibilities. The new program

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Man wearing track pants and sneakers sitting in wheelchair on stage looks up and smiles
A Visit to Koffler Gallery

Being Inspired by Leopold Plotek

Gallery photos taken by Richard Max Tremblay, and are installation views of No Work, Nor Device, Nor Knowledge, Nor Wisdom, Koffler Gallery, Toronto, 2017. In February,

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Man wearing blue sweater and brown cap sits back in wheelchair and smiles
Gabriel Ly's journey into the IP Leadership Team

Connecting with the Hero’s Journey

Since joining the Imagining Possibilities team, I’ve found that drama really helps me communicate and share our minds with others. My favourite game to play is

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This program is developed by A.D.C.I.D. (Aiding Dramatic Change in Development) an organisation that Engages Communities in Creative Transformation.

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