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“I put my photocard down as I crossed the edge, contributing my own personal touch to the stage.

Stephen and Elaine at Come to the Edge
Come to the Edge Show

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“An Aha! moment for me, was when I realised that the performers know each other so well. This happened when we were crossing the bridge.”

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“The story was unfolding in front of me, and we got to the part just after the musician had played her solo. One of the facilitators started to invite people to come over the edge.”

come to the edge show

What people say?

“ It was really interesting for me seeing the silent commentary of one of the actors as he was moving around. You were not sure how he would change the story.”
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“The performance opened up the imagination for everyone at the event creating their own possibilities in what they would actually see and hear, as well as what they imagined they being interacting with”
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This program is developed by A.D.C.I.D. (Aiding Dramatic Change in Development) an organisation that Engages Communities in Creative Transformation.

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