Come to the Edge Helicopter poster

Step by Step of Our Performance Model

Immersive Performance

Participatory Ritual



Cafe, Bar, and Band Playing​

The audience are invited to be part of an immersive cafe-bar, interacting with the performers, and socialising with others at the event. There is a bar serving fabric drinks and olives – in exchange for a wink, a blown kiss, or a bow drinks can be orders. The audience are given opportunities to think of their unknowns, and what would give them the will to come to the edge of this unknown. They had been invited to pick a photo card and other resources that could support them in crossing into this unknown.


Entering the Performance Event

The audience waits in the lobby and is given their ID card. A member of the cast, arrives to invite them into the space. She leads them down the ramp. We consciously created audience interactions while entering the space and in the bar/cafe. This is to brake down the barriers between the audience and performer. We seek to get people actively questioning their relationship to people with complex disabilities, and what is possible to do together as an inclusive community.


Entering the  Ritual Crossing The Edge

Each person crosses the fabric threshold with the meaning from the journey. They explore the Edge of something they know, or approach the edge of an unknown. Crossing over leads them into the upcoming performance space.


The Emergence of a Storyscape

The envisioned scenography process unfolds as the energies are received transformed and passed around.

Elements of the Performance


the audience beforehand and when entering the world.


them to ponder their unknowns.


themed bar, and having chance to connect with others.


are passing energy balls on the other side of the edge.


transform, and provide starting point for building the world.


evolves in the world, and comes together with a climax.

This program is developed by A.D.C.I.D. (Aiding Dramatic Change in Development) an organisation that Engages Communities in Creative Transformation.

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