What Participants Are Saying

When I'm imagining possibilities I love to play the passing energy game. I use my eyes to and head to get it to someone I chose. I do this in a way that gets out the emotion I am feeling inside.
Irene leader headshot
Irene Cross
Workshop Participant
My favourite part of the drama is the exercise Chair and Tables where we imagine any sadness, angry, or any frustration we are feeling with the chairs we are holding above our heads. Then we throw it away.Throwing away my troubles away like that makes me feel happier and lighter.
Christine leader headshot
Christine Jimenez
Workshop Particpant
When we create stories, I like to play the hero. Every time I like to play the hero, I reveal something about myself. We are all heroes when we act, and we all feel connected.
Gabriel leader headshot
Gabriel Ly
Workshop Participant

Volunteer Testimonials

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