When I’m at the Imagining Possibilities workshops, I love to play Pass the Energy. In Pass the Energy, one of us receives the energy as an energy ball, gives it a size and colour, and listens to the emotion and mood we feel. Then we pass this to the next person, who can then play with it in their own way. When I am the one with the energy I use my eyes and head to get it to someone I choose. I do this in a way that gets out the emotion I am feeling inside.

If I am frustrated I can throw that energy, with the emotion coming out and some of it goes with the energy. It’s fun to see how people move the energy around, and how the energy changes with each person. I like Pass the Energy because it makes me feel connected to everyone in the group. I also like Chairs and Tables because I feel so much lighter when I throw all of my problems away. Sometimes, however, it is a challenge to throw away more difficult problems such as when I am missing someone very much. I try nevertheless.

Creating and Performing Stories

My favourite part of the workshop, however, is when we create and perform our stories. When we help each other create a fun story, I feel very supported by my other team members. Sometimes being at home can be boring. However, coming to the Imagining Possibilities workshops is very fun and exciting because I get to see all of my friends. I have a lot going through my head, so drama is good because it lets me be little mad, and kick out the bum (usually played by Steve) from the bar, or other places.

I’ve been with Imagining Possibilities for five years now, since it first started at the North Yorkers Disabled Persons. Now I am part of the Imagining Possibilities Leadership Team.  Sometimes, I feel nervous when we go and visit the new people who have just started to participate. I feel responsible because I know that the new people watch me. If they see me doing the dramas, they will also feel less scared to act in front of other people. I especially like sharing things about myself with the new people using messages from my Dynavox, because that helps connect and begin to work together.

 Imagining Possibilities has given me a lot of wisdom. Now, I want to share that wisdom to help others understand how great it is to create and act. In the early days when we did drama with the whole class in North Yorkers, I used to be the one responsible for finding the love triangles in a story, which was fun. I still look at the people in the story, and make laughter with the relationships in the story, which I am pleased to say, goes “crazy” very often

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