In 2016 we travelled out to other communities to share our work, through the Engaging Possibilities workshops. They were important to me, partly because they allowed me to reconnect with my old friends. In particular, I am thinking of seeing Debbie from Hamilton. 

Woman with hair in a bun sitting in a wheelchair rests her head
Debbie Moulneux - now in Hamilton Leadership Team

Seeing Debbie

Debbie and I were both in the CP centre as children, and we had lots of toys and the opportunity to play with the other kids. When we arrived at the Ron Joyce Childrens’ Centre for our workshop, I hadn’t seen Debbie in over twenty years. However, seeing her at the workshop felt like I had gone back in time. Being with her again filled with such a feeling of companionship, and I was so grateful to Imagining Possibilities for bringing us together again.

During that workshop, I imagined myself and Debbie as children playing in school. The story we created that day was full of action and excitement – Elaine was caught in an airplane and we had to think of a way to save her. Seeing old friends like Debbie is one of my favourite parts about the workshops. However, I also love meeting new friends. 

Chairs and Tables

Besides the stories, my favourite part of drama is the exercise Chairs and Tables. When we play Chairs and Tables, we imagine that any sadness, anger, or frustration we’re feeling are chairs that we’re holding above our heads. Then, we throw the chair away and replace our bad feelings with positive, hopeful ones. Throwing away my troubles like that makes me feel so much happier and lighter, and I’m ready to start creating and imagining with my friends.

With exercises like Chairs and Tables, I can feel myself growing as a person. Drama has made me so much more confident, and the workshops give me a chance to feel like a star in the spotlight. I’m proud that we are the first people with CP to act and perform the stories that we create ourselves. I especially like it when new people join, because helping them perform and create makes it feel as if we are all connected as one group. I am so grateful to Imagining Possibilities for opportunities and experiences it has given me, and the confidence it inspires.

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