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Since joining the Imagining Possibilities team, I’ve found that drama really helps me communicate and share our minds with others. My favourite game to play is Pass the Energy. However, I like to think of the energy as a sports object. For example, a NHL puck or soccer ball, as it is much more powerful that way.

When we create stories, I like to play as a hero, rescuing people who are having problems and responding to 911 calls. Lately however, I have been learning about the Hero’s Journey story structure, which is the best for big drama. Furthermore, it is also a story that helps with discovery and understanding questions about who you are. Every time I play the Hero, I reveal something about myself. Creating stories also helps me learn about our group and feel connected to all my friends. We are all heroes when we act, and we all feel connected.


Taking the Hero's Journey to St. Catharines and ISAAC

In November, I travelled all the way to St. Catharines, Ontario with Imagining Possibilities as part of the Leadership Team. I got to stay in a hotel overnight, and it was the first time I had been away to work and it was good to have my dad Jimmy there. Being so far away from my home in Toronto made me feel nervous, but also very excited. 

Afterwards, I felt so grateful for the experience – I felt it helped me expand my boundaries and develop as an individual. Doing the workshops in St. Catherines was also fun because I got the chance to mentor and teach new people who had not done drama before and share our process of creating stories. I liked feeling like a leader, and helping others with CP see the value of story making was very rewarding.

When our video was shown at the ISAAC  Conference (International Society of Alternative and Augmented Communication) in 2016, it felt like the leadership team and I were stars. I wore my special shirt and thin tie, and we went on the red carpet. Afterwards, we received a certificate in front of the audience, which was an amazing experience. I hope we get more chances to perform and share our ideas with others, as we did at ISAAC.

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