Imagining Possibilities


ADCID (Aiding Dramatic Change in Development) creates inspirational experiences for people to influence and transform the world around them.

Through our Imagining Possibilities Project, we have developed a style of creative improvisation that enables community members with complex physical and communication challenges to express their ideas and create stories as an ensemble in a way that is responsive to their physical realities. We call this Envisioned Scenography. Furthermore, we have developed a performance form where audience members are deeply engaged in the contextual environment that is created by the facilitation, community performers, and Envisioned Scenography. Participants direct the created world, which is is facilitated through a special facilitation process that is continually evolving alongside the Envisioned Scenography. Therefore, members of the audience who use Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) can take an active role and become involved in the story.

Principles and Values

We see influence as a deeper level of engagement, beyond inclusion. Therefore, in all our arts engagement work we structure and seek opportunities where community members go beyond “participating” and have real influence in the creation or discovery process. We use spatial non-verbal processes and metaphor to explore ideas, share experiences, and facilitate dialogue.  Furthermore, we nurture personal growth, a sense of inclusion and build community.

This is the nature of how we engage communities, volunteers facilitator, and partner organisations.

Considerations in our Facilitation


For ADCID, inclusion not a radical concept, instead it is the basis for everything we do.


Participants actively shape and hold meaning about the process.


Participants are given the time to explore and express themselves.


We engage and find ways to hear what is being expressed, through multiple pathways and modalities.

Emerging and shifting

We believe that processes must help
the story adapt to the situation as it unfolds.

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